What do I do?

I trouble the people who are in “Comfort” and

comfort the people who are in “Trouble”

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We are passionate about

Business Coaching

We work with our three-point theory “Mindset”, “Toolset, “Skillset”. We respect our client’s knowledge and wisdom but help them under a coaching framework to realize our values i.e. Empowering People, Improving Business.

Business Planning

Based on the business objectives and long-term strategy, we help businesses to create actionable business plans with clear roadmaps and milestones.

Corporate and Business Trainings

We provide training on Critical Soft skills as well some of key topics for business such as Pricing Strategy, Art of Negotiation, Leadership, Communication, People Management and Sales, Customer Centricity etc.

Strategic Advisory

We assist businesses on developing the growth strategy that aligns with Business Objectives and Vision of the company.

Executive Coaching

We help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and act as a sounding board. We work under coaching framework and series of coaching sessions help them discover their innate abilities, eliminate fears, change perspectives and make right use of their resources and assets.

Business Accelerator Coaching

We work with SME/MSME as well as large company on strategy, planning and problem solving, and helps clients develop business skills and knowledge. These topics range from designing a business model or marketing plan, to determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them.

Succession Planning

Business / Organization is there to stay and continue to succeed regardless of the availability of its founder, leaders, and torchbearers. Our systematic approach help organization to keep their leadership pipeline continuously filled and take-over seamlessly.

Idea to Actualization - Startup Consulting

We assist start-up entrepreneurs to evaluate their business idea, examine market potential, sustainability study, perform SWOT, develop business plan, financial projection and assist in creating funding proposals. All services are modular and can be selected as needed under flexible engagement model.

About Me

I’m Biman Gandhi
and with you I am excited to create possiblities, together.

Biman Gandhi, an Engineering Graduate with 30 years of experience in technology, business, and management, stands out with his diverse background in various industries and profiles. He has a proven track record of success with both large Indian companies and Fortune 100 multinationals. To complement his extensive experience, Biman is also a certified NLP practitioner, a certified mentor, and a proven coach. His is on mission is to enable businesses and professionals to reach new heights of success.

Empowering others, you become more powerful.
Enlightening the path of others, you find your way.


What Clients Are Saying

First of all thank you so much for such a wonderful session. It would great experience to share the recently completed assignment in Business Due Diligence. Some of the points are:- Methodology: Methodologies discussed by you were so much help to us. Some methods discussed by you helped us in deciding which best practices to be applied to a specific case. Subject Matter Expertise: Best Communication During the process: Communication was awesome, Explanation of things done with examples - so easily understood. Benefits we received: • Set up the KRA's. • Get cleared the role of a person. • Speed up the writing standard operating procedure for many components of our fields. • Speed up the writing of standard operating procedure for Business-related activities. • Area to be focused on priority was cleared.

Pallavi G. Wadibhasme

How privileged I am ? To have mentor like Mr. Biman Gandhi Sir. The man who taught me beyond the limits and shown new horizons. Our one-on-one coaching sessions were really eye-opening experiences for me. He introduced me with my inner potential. His focus was on growth at both professional and personal front. He is very soft-spoken but does not mince words to correct certain behaviour and attitude. Overall it was an engaging experience and it gave me a new direction and renewed spirit. Sir, really would like to have more and more sessions with you.

Mangesh Badambe

I must say that Mr Biman Gandhi is an excellent coach indeed. For him coaching is not only his profession but he takes utmost care to see if the participants are puting the learnings from his session, in their day to day lives. I have attended so many sessions conducted by him and found that he has in-depth knowledge of the topics on which he shares his pearls of wisdom and experience The amazing and interesting part of his sessions is, his engaging speaking skill, powerful questions and ability to dig dipper. Looking forward to attend many more sessions from him where I can learn life values from him.

Pinky Bhuptani

I have attended his session on decision making. It was one of the best sessions, I have attended which was very interactive and I learnt a lot in this session. Biman sir is an excellent teacher who does not spoon feed his students, rather makes them think by giving proper guidance and his views.

Sandhya Velankar

When we wanted to grow our business with more verticals, we decided to hire a business coach. After going through our internal studies and several profiles, we decided to settle on Mr. Biman Gandhi. His years of experience in multiple industries and profiles really helped us to get on the growth trajectory. We also renewed our spirits through the slogan he gave - Comfort, Convenience and Care. He taught us to stay centred around these values. He is one of the best business coaches.

Vikas Tamhane

Biman Gandhi Sir is much, much more than a business coach; he’s a mentor, a guide , and a life coach. His wisdom & knowledge about Business Strategies immediately caught my attention. Biman sir’s advices and suggestions made an immediate impact on both my confidence and my new business. He has armed me with valuable pointers The good thing about him is, he is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear. That’s because he genuinely cares about your business growth. It’s his passion to coach people to their immense potential, he helps corporate leaders, individuals and business owners in their journey towards being highly effective, productive and successful. I highly recommend Mr. Biman Gandhi as a Business Coach.

Reshma Kadu Pawar